NWTR 2021 Has Been Cancelled

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that our venue is still not taking reservations for the 2021 year, we will be cancelling the 2021 Tandem Rally and will hand the baton to Eugene for 2022.

Given the increasing and overwhelming concerns that go along with COVID-19, and with so much uncertainly, our state is still not in a phase that will allow events or gatherings outdoors with over 10 people. There is no clear end in sight for 2021 which is nearly impossible for planning an event of this caliber. Additionally, 95% of our participants are traveling to attend the rally and we felt it was in the best interest of our rally community to hand it over to Eugene. We cannot move forward without permits and reservations from our proposed venue.

CURRENT REGISTRANTS: For those who have already registered for 2020 and rolled over your entries to 2021, we will be issuing refunds in the next week and mailing out checks. Refunds will be 100% of the entry fees, not including the online fees from signmeup.com.

We hope that Eugene can carry on in 2022. It has been quite a disappointing and bumpy ride for us. We appreciate your patience during this time and wish you all good health during this time.