Coronavirus Update

Update From NWTR 2020
Dear Tandem Riders As the spread of COVID-19 continues in our state, the 2020 NW Tandem Rally has been closely monitoring the situation with up-to-date information from the CDC as well as our national and local public health authorities. We are carefully considering our options for the July event.Though our rides take place in the outdoors, we still congregate as groups so lowering the risk of transmission by modifying how we manage the activities of the event has been an in-depth topic as of late. There may be measures we can take such as limiting the number of riders, modifying food and banquet procedures, etc. We are meeting with our host venue, EWU in the near future and we will keep you updated with the latest information.We take our responsibilities as promoters very seriously and the health of our participants as well as our community is our utmost concern.Given our July event, which is still almost 16 weeks away, we will continue to monitor and consider the guidelines that will be set forth by our local authorities.We understand that viruses don’t discriminate, and we are all vulnerable. We’ll do our best to stay informed and keep you updated.Sincerely,Race Directors and Staff
Marla Emde
Robb Repp
Michael Emde