Saturday and Sunday will be fully supported rides with mileage options

* Routes Are Subject to Change as Permits Are Being Acquired

Saturday Supported Routes

Routes will be marked at all turns with arrows corresponding to the colors matching the route maps.

Saturday Short Ride ~ 36 Miles


Saturday Medium Ride ~ 53 Miles


Saturday Long Ride ~ 70 Miles


Sunday Supported Rides


Sunday Short Ride ~ 32 Miles


Sunday Medium Ride ~ 50 Miles


Sunday Long Ride ~ 68 Miles


Self-Guided Ride Options

Cheney area rides

These routes are various combinations of the Columbia Plateau Trail (Fish Lake Trail) and some great riding on rural low-traffic roads.

Rural Roads in the West Plains


Optional Rides to Spokane area

Campus to Spokane via Fish Lake Trail – 33 Miles to Spokane Trailhead

Campus to Spokane via Fish Lake Trail – 40 Miles to Riverfront Park Downtown Spokane

Campus to Riverside State Park via Fish Lake Trail – 53 Miles


Additional options if you plan to stay in our area, these require transporting your bicycle to the destination.


We recommend using the available app as a guide during NWTR 2020.

  Changes will be made to the app as appropriate for 2021

  Changes will be made to the app as appropriate for 2021

Contact us for additional recommendations for additional rides if you plan to stay in the area before or after the rally dates.  The Spokane area has many options for rides from fun easy rides to very challenging rides and everything in between.  We encourage you to stick around and explore Spokane and the area.  We will be happy to advise you on the type of ride you would like to do.


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